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Lego Insects: A Ladybug, Butterfly, & Dragonfly


100 Supporters Milestone!

First off, thanks for everyone that has supported and commented these past couple of weeks. Your help means a lot to me and getting this project further toward the goal of 10,000 supporters! I already saw some lovely comments from early supporters who are excited to see it make it to 100, and that is honestly great to see.

I want to ask you all a favor, and that is to share this project with at least one friend, whether they are interested in Lego, or just simply interested in insects or nature. Remind them that signing up and supporting is completely free. If each one of you is able to share with one friend we arleady can get this project to 200 supporters and it can just keep growing.

So I'd like to thank you all for supporting and being early supporters. Let's keep this idea going!


-Railway Enthusiast

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