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LEGO Special Transport Generator Hauler



I have always been a huge fan of heavy hauler trucks. I’ve always loved the LEGO heavy haulers and now I’ve decided to build one. This set is 4 feet long with 1,124 pieces and 44 axles. The set itself has a lot of detail starting with the truck having a bed a tv and a custom front bumper. The first and second dolly both have detail from the lights to the chains and king pins. The generator had 320 pieces and most of those pieces go to the detailed motor inside of the generator. The two back dolly aren’t as detailed but the still have a good affect and feel with the truck it self. The set also comes with two pilot cars. The pilot cars are detailed all the way to the back warning sign.  The set also comes with 6 mini figures 2 which are girls 4 being boys. The set is meant to represent European heavy haulers. Over all think this would be a good set for people to put in their LEGO city’s. Thank you for taking time to read this and hopefully support this set. 


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