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Retro BoomBox/Cellphone Holder/Portable Speaker Holder


About This Project:

This set idea is of a retro stereo or boombox from my childhood a long time ago. The stereo isn't a direct replica of any existing model. It is just from my imagination and memories kinda mixed. I also wanted it to actually play music and I noticed that my cellphone and most cellphones are around the size of a cassette. So I made the cassette deck double as a cellphone holder. The door to the cassette deck/cellphone spot is strong enough to hold the phone and keep it from falling out when closed. I made the one end of the cellphone spot open so it can let the sound travel out through the speaker from the cellphone. I also made the same speaker capable of holding a couple of different portable speakers that I had laying around. It can only hold one right now but I am sure you could hook up one in each side if you wanted too. There is a removable panel on the side of the speaker with the portable speaker inside for access to the power switch. Both speakers can be removed from the center of the boombox for access inside the speakers. This also makes hooking up the cellphone to the portable speaker easier. Most of the controls on the boombox do not really work, they are just for decoration. The ones that work are the volume and am/fm dial on the front of the boombox which you can spin. The antenna can be adjusted just like a real one. On the back of the stereo is the power cord spot and the battery compartment complete with batteries. The handle can be folded up and down as well as being strong enough to pick up and carry the stereo with a cellphone and portable speaker inside. 

Play Features:

  • Cassette deck can hold most cellphones inside it and still hear the music easily through the speaker.
  • The speakers have a space inside to hold a portable speaker inside of them if you want too. I have only done one so far but I am pretty sure you could do both no problem.
  • Speakers can be removed from the center of the stereo for easier access to the portable speaker space and makes hooking the speakers to the cellphone easier.
  • Battery compartment can open/close and has three batteries inside.
  • The antenna is adjustable.
  • The handle can fold up and down as well as being strong enough to pick up and carry the stereo by it.
  • Cassette deck is able to open and close.


  • Three brick built batteries.
  • Cellphone and portable speaker not included.

If you like this set idea please support and follow. Thank you very much for your time and support.

Happy Building.


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