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The Skateboard Shop

Welcome to the Skateboard Shop a shop for all your skating goods. Since the Island Extreme Stunts en Sport sets where out I loved the skateboarding sets. The last time when I was building a city I also build up a skatepark and I asked myself where do the nice people of Lego City buy there skateboards? So I decided to build my own interpretation of a Skateboard Shop. This set contains a sneaker wall a table with shirts and sweaters a table with helmets and caps an of course skateboards. The bottom floor is a shop and upstairs there is a little workshop and a living area. If you want a lot of skateboards this set has got you covered with 12 skateboards. At the back of the shop you find some nice obstacles like a picknick table and some bricks you can put together to form a nice ledge you can grind. Or put them on top of each other and try to jump them or combine the two. This is my first MOC I build for real and I really liked to design and build it. I hope you guys like it too!


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