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The Christmas Chess


Hello to all and to all.
I come to you in this time of Christmas with my biggest, my largest and one of the most successful chess I've done so far ... The Christmas Chess!

Each box is like 6x6 with 2x2 tile with pin in the center to hold the pieces. The board itself is divided into two parts: the part set and the base.

The base is composed of five little scenes: a battle of snowballs, Christmas reindeer with Rudolf, Santa Claus near a fire and a child in front of a window that hides the fifth skit: a Nordic landscape with a frozen lake, an igloo, a snowman and a conifer forest in the distance.

From the top of the pedestal by the supports of the board. A central support is transparant round 2x2 bricks has secured the center of the board and stabilize it. Each cell is defined by a high edge-on makes brown tile 1x6 and 1x1 tile round pearl gold at the crossroads of 1x6 tiles. The edges are rounded down and dish up to lighten the lines of the board. Decorations are there to remind the sides belonging to the red or white and recall Christmas decoration that is put in front of our door Christmas time.

The game pieces now:
Let's start from the pawns. They represent nothing really special but agree, however with the spirit of this board.
Then the towers ... And in the theme of Christmas I could not do otherwise than to transform these traditional towers beautiful Christmas trees.
The jumpers are made of a sprite chevochant column itself surrounded by a pile of Christmas presents.
Madmen (or bishops) are represented by a reserve gifts.
Now to the queen and the king. Here too they are divided into two parts that is reminiscent of the design on this board even Christmas. The base consists of a fountain that represents for me the renewal year after year Christmas because every drop of water is ejected from the fountain, plunged into the basin is sucked and is again ejected from the fountain ... Christmas comes up with are lot meeting, pleasure and joy then going to be celebrated and then prepared and so on. All that to say why a fountain in short. At the top level we find our Father Christmas and Mother Christmas, each set in a nice chair.

Well, talk about one last thing: the colors.
Christmas colors are for me the number of 3 plus one that comes enhance the intensity and importance of these three colors: gold. The three colors are red, dark green and white. Each color represents a detail, a feature of Christmas.
The white represents the snow, the North Pole (where presence is live Santa Claus), the green, the color of the tree (Christmas), coniferous forest, green hope. In the end the red represents the warmth of a good chimney fire warming the hearts and minds of all, the joy, the warmth of that moment his cheerfulness.
I spoke of gold that réhausse these colors but not that. Indeed, gold Represented wealth, the importance of Christmas because it is a rare moment when a lot of people a family is found to be just together, sharing Eve, meet, make peace . In short, share an exceptional moment and eat what is our pleasure ...

That's why I chose these four colors which are red, dark green, white and gold.

Now comes the chessboard figures:

-1800 Bricks for the game pieces
-3247 Bricks to the board
-a total of some 5047 bricks
-9 Minifigs
-2 Reindeer (including Rudolf)
-40cm Wide and long (about)
-14.5cm High (about)

So much for the presentation of this chessboard Christmas!
Thanks for reading me.

Your manufacturer of chess boards,

PS: sorry for the spelling mistakes ...

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