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The Jackal Staff Oasis


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Deep within the desert sands lies a hidden, mysterious oasis. Rising amongst the magnificent date palms and tranquil, lotus-covered pools is a fabulous temple containing the vast treasures of the surrounding kingdoms. Young Amata has been sent to retrieve the fabled, powerful Jackal Staff contained within this lush paradise, to bring back to her kingdom in need. Can she safely retrieve the Staff while avoiding the scorpion guardians of the temple, as well as any skeletons lurking in the treasure chambers? You decide! 

Set Features: 
- 1552 total pieces 
- Seven Minifigures: Amata (the explorer), Mummy, The Jackal Staff Statue, Two Flame Guardian Statues, Two Skeletons. 
- Jackal Staff Oasis measures approximately 12" long, 15.6" wide, and 8.9" high.
- Three brick - built date palm trees grace the front entrance to the Oasis's temple. 
- Climb the stairs between two jackal statues to reach the ornate main hypostyle hall.
- The main hall's tiled mosaic hides a secret - watch out for that trap door!
- Retrieve the Jackal Staff from the statue in the side chamber, built under a beautiful lotus - shaped roof.
- Explore the glittering treasure chamber hidden beneath the temple, but stay away from the ill-tempered scorpion guardians who lurk beneath. 
- The temple can be used both for storytelling and as a display piece, with eye-catching colors, ornate Ancient Egyptian-style lotus pillars, beautiful papyrus filled ponds, and much more! A stunning piece for both kids and adults alike.

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