Product Idea |

Beach Shops


Coastlines have always drawn people for various adventures and my project demonstrates some of the activities people enjoy at the many beaches around the world. The main feature and namesake of this project is the line of shops. 

First is the souvenir shop. Green with white accents, this is the only shop to have a roof deck to look at the view. Inside, there is a cash register and a few items for purchase. Items for purchase are inspired by common souvenirs such as hats and mugs. Next to the souvenir shop is the smoothie stand. Brick separators are used for the roof and orange curves are used in the front to create a modern look. Inside, there are fruit items and a blender.

A surfboard storage area is the third section, and the only one that isn't a shop. On the right side of the build is the Swim Shop, where swimming gear is stored. Fins, a diving mask, life jackets, and maps are available here.

The sandy beach is between the shops and the ocean. A palm tree, volleyball net and table can be found at the sandy area. People water skiing, some buoys, and a dolphin are in the water. 

This project was inspired by the beaches I have visited. Coastlines around the world are so varied and are important to many people. Thanks for your time and support!