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Van Houten House + Car


Come on in the Van Houten House known from The Simpsons is the house of Milhouse, Luann and Kirk Van Houten.

This is the car of the Van Houtens: a yellow family car with 4 seats and an opening trunk.
 The house has a garage and the car fits perfectly in there. In the garage there is a workbench with some tools also the garage door opens very easily. 

This is the house with in the front 3 windows and a door, you can connect the garage to the house.

You can open the house so you can play inside the house.

Inside view: 

 Outside view:

You can open the roof by tilting it.

first floor includes:

bedroom parents: bed, closet

bedroom Milhouse: bookcase, bureau, chair, bed

bathroom: mirror, wash basin, toilet, bath, shower.

ground floor includes:

dining room: 4 chairs, table

living room: small sofa, big sofa, tv, coffee table, 2 plants

kitchen: 6 cupboards with drawers or door, oven, pot and pan, 3 mugs, wash basin

reading corner: small sofa, telephone next to the door, bookshelf and a closet under the stairs.

If you have any questions post them in the comment area.

I hope you like the house with the garage and car. Please support. Thanks !

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