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Crayola Art Kit

A Crayola art kit!

I have been an artist and maker for as long as I can remember and there is just something so special about Crayola art supplies. Crayola products have the power to evoke wonderful childhood memories. I remember getting new Crayola supplies and just taking in all the colors and fragrances. The memories that it brings to mind and the possibilities it allows for future creations continue to inspire me. I have always loved Crayola art supplies so why not make some that last forever, hehe! This Crayola art kit will appeal to people of all ages: kids and those who love a little throwback to their childhood.

This kit comes with two watercolor palettes, six paint bottles, one paint brush, two pencils, three colored pencils, one eraser, ten markers, eight crayons, and two coloring pages! This kit has been designed, so each item has its own designated spot. The coloring pages fit perfectly atop the supplies and help to keep everything in place while traveling.

Just like LEGO, a Crayola art kit can be a used to make endless works of art, so I thought that they would be a perfect pairing.

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