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The Lonely Ship (Abstract Art) - Das Einsame Schiff (Abstrakt)

The Lonely Ship, but what is it?
I built this picture after a long time. I saw an old photo of my son playing with wooden blocks and building this ship. I then started with the LDD and started to recreate it because I kind of liked it. And what you see here is exactly what came out of it.
(My little Lofi moment)

But what is it now? Art? It is definitely abstract. But there is also a bit of Bauhaus and a bit of Art Deco in the picture. I couldn't resist incorporating my affection for both of them.

This time I actually don't have anything more to say about my building. It's also rare for me. :)

Why Lego might build it?
My son would be amazed to see his wooden construction kit model at Lego. Well, that would be a happy surprise.

But now some Lego data:
Parts: 2140
Size in studs: 26x52x40 studs
Size in CM: 21x42x32 cm

I hope you like my little work of art as much as I do.

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