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Shrek - Castle Dragon Fantasy Scene

Shrek may not be the typical hero, but this is why he is beloved worldwide – because he is a ‘human being’. I remember watching the feature film time and again in my childhood. Arguably, the 2001 movie is one of the greatest fairy tales ever told and my personal favourite!
What did I choose to recreate? The fan model is based on The Dragon Escape sequence that keeps me on the edge of the seat every time I watch it. I have to admit that not only children would be interested in playing with Shrek, but also grown-ups like me. Nostalgia is what made me create this fan model and make people remember the good old days when Shrek was on top of the world.
In conclusion, my object is to make a tribute to Shrek and his heroism. I believe that the fan model stays true to the original movie and steals die-hard fans’ hearts.
Piece count: 916
Characters: Shrek, Donkey, Fiona, Dragon

'You know Donkey, sometimes things are more than they appear.' - Shrek

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