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Historic Abandoned Glass Factory To Be Converted Into Modern Museum Space.

BRICK CITY, Calif. (Feb. 10, 2023) Gogoro Architects announced today that they have acquired the famous Sherwin’s Glass Factory, located in the center of the newly rejuvenated Entertainment District. Plans are underway to repurpose the site into a state-of-the-art museum with a tentative opening slated for early 2024. “We believe the size and location of the former glass factory is primed for adaptive reuse”, says a spokesperson. “We look forward towards the completion of this repurpose project that has promise to focus on sustainability and eco-awareness”. 

Sherwin’s Glass Co. was established in 1901. It became world-famous for manufacturing signature green soda glass bottles. Using a revolutionary semi-automated machine that can rapidly mass produce glass, the company captured the market while putting Brick City on the map. By the early 1950s, 80 percent of the city’s labor force were employed at the factory. But the company eventually lost its edge and struggled to compete in the modern industrial age. The rise of the internet age and overseas cheap labor of the 1990s finally put the factory out of business.  

The glass factory closed down in 2000 and gradually deteriorated into its abandoned state today. Years of neglect had inflicted major structural and cosmetic damage to the building. The weathered factory’s heritage will be refurbished and restored by this conversion. Gogoro Architects added, “Our design plan will feature existing exposed brick walls and metal conduits while showcasing some of the remaining glassmaking machinery”.

Glass Factory during better days

About Gogoro Architects 
Gogoro Architects joined LEGO Ideas more than two years ago. Assessing this particular project, it has been noted that the set is modular. The first level of the factory house the various machinery of the assembly line, damaged structures from years of neglect, a loading dock and various leftover unsold products. The second level of this industrial ruin contains the manager’s office and the work stations for the secretaries. 

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