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The Storming Dragon


Edits 2020-06-27:

- New Head close up and cover image
- New Wall-mount photomontage
- New Knight minifig on tail for scale

This project is larger than what a realistic product could be, however if you do enjoy anything dragons and medieval, please support it! A smaller scale version would be a fantastic addition to any feature walls in a house or commercial environment.

I sincerely appreciate your support and don't forget to check my other projects! :)


Fully Adjustable, Highly Textured Dragon

1:10 Scale, Wall-Mounted

Residential/Commercial Application

Approx. W70in x H55in (Variable)

Symmetrical/Asymmetrical Installation

2850 Pieces

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate this community for being so creative, talented and inspiring, thank you!

Fierce and fiery, this warm-blooded mythical beast is composed of 6 individual/independent highly textured pieces with aged skin, tough shiny scales, detailed head, wings, hand, back and tail. It pops through the wall, keeps an eye on its space and makes an outstanding feature wall.

1. Pick the perfect location, adjust overall format:

Square, Portrait, Landscape

2. Set its shape:

- Straight, Subtle curve, Wavy, Circle

- Adjust popping depth, wingspan, head orientation

3. Mount on wall:

- Hanger nail through clear lego plate, round 4 x 4 with hole or;

- Standard Command Clear Strip for hard surfaces

4. Set its mood anytime:

- FIRE!!!

- Tongue-out chillin’

- Nap time

5. Enjoy!


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