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Zoo Interior

I'm back! s i promised, this is part 2 of my zoo! The Entrance can easily be set right next to this from the right side to make a full zoo! this set comes with a rabbit, two orange pigs, two white pigs, 4 "lions" (dogs), two sword fish, and an alligator (plus 2 crabs a starfish, 3 frogs and two fish) along with 6 minifigs= a lot of stuff! each animal comes with the appropriate living area with food and a house. Its a great set. it would most likely sell for $109.99 as it is so big but doest have any large living areas or stores life the lego pet shop or things in that nature.

as you can see, left to right: the lion estate with a rock to lay on and a little pool for fish or prey in this case to swim in. the swordfish aquarium, with a large rock just like the lions, lots of fish swim around in it. the blue glass gives the illusion of water. finally, the crocodile den, with a crocodile and a pond for him to cool off in, and a small rock cave.

this area, bottom to top: the albino pigs in there home, the orange pigs in theres, and the rabbit in his pen. all animals have a home and a water pool with a frog in it!


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