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In this model a boy and his dad are taking a camping trip to some woods in an RV. As you can see, the RV contains everything they need for their trip. It has 2 beds, a microwave, a fridge, cabinets, a coffee maker, a luggage storage space with their 2 suitcases, and of course, hotdogs. It even has booth seats inside if they want to eat dinner at a table. They also packed two camping chars, so they can sit by the fire and roast their hotdogs. Overall this build contains about 300 pieces and took me about 2 days to build.

My favorite parts/challenges 

My favorite part of this creation is the interior of the RV. I especially like how the microwave and openable wall for playability turned out. The biggest challenge for me was probably the storage hump above the drivers seat. I am still not totally satisfied with it and may send out an update with a revised attempt. I originally wanted to have it be a loft bed, but I was unable to do this without making the RV walls overly tall. Instead it is now a storage space with a door on top of the RV. I added a ladder on the back, to make this storage space accessible.

Other Notes

  • The stickers are all from other sets-they are not new.
  • I also recently submitted a lodge on LEGO IDEAS, so check out my profile and support that too. :)

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