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Midnight Caravan

Step right up! Welcome to the Midnight Caravan!

Here we have the amazing fortune-teller who can see beyond reality itself! What wonders await in your future?
Don't miss the Museum of Oddities, where unexplainable relics from all over the world wait to shock and surprise all who enter!
All can be seen only at the Midnight Caravan tonight only!
The Midnight Caravan is an original set I made due to how interesting I find old carnivals to be.
The set includes two caravan wagons which are fully detailed, the carnival site, four horses, three minifigures and many accessories which can all be stored inside and on top of the wagons however you desire.

The wagons have removable tops and can be connected and pulled by a four horse team or split up individually as pictured.

Thank you so much for your interest in this project.

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