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RC Hot Rod

This build uses the remote control from one of the train sets (you can see the sensor at the front of the grille). As soon as power goes to the motor (forward or reverse) the lights come on. One wheel on the remote controls speed and direction, the other controls steering with a rack-and-pinion system.

I think Lego has made RC cars but they haven't made THIS one.

BTW if you like mine you HAVE to like this one !

EDIT 18/3/14: I have revised and refined the design to make it steer and move better, and also to LOOK better. I have made the engine compartment 'open' and added racing stripes.

The suicide doors give access to the battery pack connection and the back comes off to allow removal of the battery pack

rack and pinion steering, showing motor for the rear wheel drive

Overall look of the car with the remote: left steers the front wheels, right controls forward/ reverse and speed. Remote and one of the two motors from one of the recent Lego train sets.

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