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Radio Asteroid


Here is a story about a traveler who suffered an unfortunate accident somewhere in the far space.
After colliding with an asteroid, he realized that he must face the void of space alone with his dog. Pizza supplies won't last long, but luckily he managed to plant carrots and there's still a nest of space bugs.
Hope remains in the radio. The radio in the tent does not have a great range, but our space traveler has to try every day, maybe help will come soon! :)

The set contains 637 bricks, one space traveler minifigure, one dog with space helmet minifigure and a few asteroid bugs.
The stand contains graphics of stars and galaxies far, far away, and transparent connection with asteroid itself.
The set is inspired by the LEGO space series with a touch of a slight sense of humor :)
In some way, the set is a kind of equivalent of a castaway on an island in the space version.

Why to create this set ?

There has never been such a set before, it is a good reference to the LEGO space series and is also an interesting element of the collection in terms of composition.
I invite you all LEGO fans to vote! :)

All graphics and backgrounds are created by author of the set

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