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Emotions on the Road!

Emotions on the road!

Emotions are as much a part of life as minifigures are to Lego.
We all have many different emotions that occupy us every day. There are positive ones that make us happy or negative ones that make us angry or sad.

However, strong emotions can also be very dangerous. When I drive to work every day, I can see how people are influenced by their emotions.
They drive faster when they are happy and they drive even faster when they are angry.

The bigger the emotions, the more dangerous it becomes.

After thinking about it, it was clear to me that there is no room for big emotions on the road.
The most important thing on the road is safety!

I tried to express my thoughts with my model. A large built lettering "Emotions" that is far too big for the road. The "Emotions" lettering is so big that there is no way round it!

Width: 41.5 cm
Length: 16.0 cm
Height: 7.5 cm

My idea could be a great set for Lego if my set makes people think about their emotions and makes the streets a little bit safer.

Think about that the next time you get annoyed in the car :)

Please always drive carefully!

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