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Medieval Tavern & INN

Welcome to the old medieval tavern !
In each medieval or fantasy story, there is a tavern were all the characters meet, were quests can be found... All types of people meet there : soldier, farmers, spies, nobles, mercenaries, locals...
Those people come to the tavern to have a drink, spend some good times (and money).
So, I imagined this tavern with a central courtyard. On one side there is a stable for the travelers, on the other side the kitchen, with another access for deliveries. In the middle, there is the tavern itself, on two floors. A bard is entertaining the customers. The first floor has a mezzanine so the people up there can both enjoy the music and be at a more peaceful place. The first floor is also equipped with rwo rooms : a luxury room, and a dormitory, for every kind of traveler.
In this project, there is everything I imagine in a medieval tavern, so I hope you will enjoy this project !

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