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Lego Game Center


Ludo, Chess, Backgammon, Checkers, and more mini board games... Thats the idea to recreate a game center but in lego!

One day I was boared and I went to a local toy store here in mexico, when i was walking down the hall I saw a 12 in 1 wood game center and i thought: hmmmm thats an intresting idea... Then I remembered the lego ideas proyect and I wanted to make it in lego, I used my trusty lego design and render program: ¨BrickLink STUDIO 2.0¨ and I started working.  With some nights of hard work, no sleeping, and no homework... It was all worth the effort! I saw it and i was proud of my self, but... (Im not finished, YET) I want to upload more images of my advances on the proyect and with time i hope i get the 10,000 votes i need! And it would be so cool if lego makes this an official lego ideas set! pls support and send to your friends!

Im Felix ¨14 years¨ signing out!



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