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Pink Panther's House

This is a LEGO recreation of Pink Panther's house from the pilot episode of the Pink Panther Show. It consists of 623 total parts, with 2 minifigures, being Pink Panther and the Little Man.

The build is the house that the episode takes place in, being both blue and pink as the Pink Panther and the Little Man argue over what color the house should be. Inside the house, it contains moments from the episode, such as the pillar with blue and pink twirls, the blue stairs being turned pink, the pink paint machine Pink Panther uses to paint a room, the wall painted blue on top and pink on bottom (placed next to the pillar), the silhouettes of the 2 characters based on their respective colors, the 2 piece door they paint, which is pink on one side and blue on the other, and the parts can be easily turned around to simulate the painting disagreement, and next to it is a painting of a food basket painted pink. Outside, it also has a blue paint bucket and a pink paint bucket, as well as a "For Sale" sign and Pink Panther's mailbox.

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