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Opera Theater


There is silence in the theater, the play has begun, the magic comes alive inside the building,

the seats are filled and the spectators wait with longing for the most awaited function.

It is the apple of the performing arts.


A double facade building and two basic divisions. At the same time the building has

other independent modules. A theater with a total of 34 seats so that many of your

minifigures can enjoy the performance.


The hall is decorated with the faces of the theater, one sad and the other happy,

and the masks of birds' beaks among others represent the comedy of art, an

important stage in the history of the performing arts.


On one side of the ground floor we will see the most street side of the theater,

the cornice lattice, the emergency exit, the announcements of the next performances,

the light sign and the box office and lettering of the opera.


On the other side, the entrance and main facade, with the ease of being able to

extract it to easily access to the stairs


All these small modules are to facilitate access to the entire building with our minifigures.


The dome is made in a small way based on 4 pieces of the old space monorail

(those that were transparent blue), a small tribute to those great pieces of the 90s.


You can find a lot of trapdoors and access entrances, you can imagine sequences like

those of the "The Phantom of the Opera" and many others, everything is in your imagination.



The set contains the modular building and ten mini-figures and a black kitten:


- 4 Actors

- 1 Usher

- 1 Tickets clerk

- 4 Spectators


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