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Foosball Table


As a kid I always loved playing foosball. As an adult I love building with LEGO. So my idea is simple, a foosball table made out of LEGO.

This idea has been lingering in my head for quite some time and I finally got around to making it the way I wanted to. The foosball table is easy to play with and has already been a real favourite with my kids.

The main feature of this build, and what I hope makes it a little more interesting, is that the minifigures can be changed easily to fit whatever theme you prefer. Why not recreate the battle of Endor, or your favourite Lord of the rings scene? It would of course work just as well with police versus robbers or a classic space battle, what ever you prefer. The gold pieces above the goals can also be changed to add a bit of extra fun to the game. Perhaps build a little fort on each side and play with some knights. 

I hope you like this project and find it worthy of your support. I made a short video which display that it is fully functional and of course a lot of fun. Thank you for looking!

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