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Honey House in Provence


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The importance of Bees:
Maybe not everyone knows it but bees are fundamental insects for the prosperity and survival of the entire terrestrial ecosystem.
However, man's irresponsible action is undermining the existence of these precious creatures.

The honey bee is one of the main responsible for the pollination of plants. Thanks to it, spreading from one flower to another, each bee is responsible for the fertilization of an enormous quantity of plants on the entire earth's surface. If in some cases this phenomenon can also occur through rains and winds, for 70% of terrestrial plant species it is totally dependent on the intervention of bees.

It is therefore evident how important the survival of this small animal is for man: a large part of what is grown in agriculture to satisfy humanity's food needs depends on the flight of bees, without them the consequences for man they would be catastrophic.

I wanted to make this project because I love nature and I would like to convey the importance of bees and also of their honey through the art of LEGO.

How this project was born:
I have always loved photographing beautiful landscapes and in 2007 I took a trip to France to Provence. Towards the end of June in Provence the fields are filled with endless rows of lavender that color the landscape and perfume the air. I adored this landscape and after the advent of the beekeeper in Series 21 of the collectible minifigs, the idea of combining the landscapes of Provence with the lavender honey that is produced in these lands immediately took off in my mind.

I have concentrated all the atmospheres of Provence in a single landscape with the beekeeper's house, a field with rows of lavender, beehives, trees, flowers and vegetation.
The house is composed of a rich interior decor which is observable by dividing the two floors and removing the roof. On the ground floor we find the kitchen and the living room, the narrowest part of the house is the laboratory where the grandfather produces his magnificent lavender honey. Through a small window he can leave the jars of honey from the laboratory directly in the kitchen. On the first floor we find the bedroom, a wardrobe and a bathroom with shower.

The grandfather has furnished his house in the most welcoming way possible but it is still a rural house and therefore we will not find a television. All the time is spent in the countryside, surrounded by nature without particular technological means! In front of the house we find a fixed stall where the grandfather sells honey to visitors who come to discover Provence.

The story behind the project:
A little girl (the beekeeper's granddaughter) is accompanied by her mother to visit her grandfather who lives in Provence and the little girl falls in love with this landscape rich in nature and animals. Grandpa helps her understand the importance of bees, honey and nature. This is how he learns how important it is to preserve the beauty of our planet!

With your support, we can convey the values described on this page and we hope to be able to turn this project into a real LEGO IDEAS set.
Thank you all so much for your support, comments and shares!
Sandro (SDRnet)

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