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Anthromorphs Training Academy


Hello everyone, this is a resubmission of my first Lego project called the Anthromorphs. Last time, I had only seventeen supporters, which is a good start, but I believe it can have more potential. I've decided to remodel it by making it bigger, adding a few more toy functions, and some extra characters, the villains. During the meantime, I've finally come up with an official storyline and here it is:


Centuries ago in Morphland, a place where shapeshifters dwell, ancient warriors found a way to harness their energy with the power of martial arts to fight off evil. Their power was called Antai chi. The power of Antai chi is used to harness their spirit animals depending on what type of animal that the shapeshifters are. For example, if the shapeshifter turns into a tiger, then they can use Antai chi to release a tiger spirit. Since then, the Warriors have decided to open an academy to train young students to practice Antai chi for future generations. Years have passed since then, up to this day. The citizens of Morphland known as the Anthromorphs have adapted through time with cars, phones, and electricity. The training academy still stands with more students, training to become heroes. The is now owned by Master Tora, a humble teacher who possesses the powers of a tiger and knows honor and responsibility, but before he became a master, he had to deal with his rival, Koumori who holds the power of the bat. Koumori wanted to have the position to himself by being too strong, thus having the power go to his head. Koumori even tried to kill Tora, but he was stopped and banished to the Dreadlands, a place where everything was dark, dreary, and lifeless, which was the perfect place for evil to reside. Things were peaceful in Morphland until Koumori became his own master and opened up his own training academy where anyone can use their Antai chi for their evil agenda, including his two children, Landon and Camille, masters of the crocodile and the snake. Now Master Tora has chosen new warriors to carry out the legacy, Blake the smooth-talker who holds the power of the wolf, Dylan the nervous yet willing person who holds the power of the bear, Olivia the intellectual girl who holds the power of the fox, Ethan the fun-loving guy who holds the power of the falcon, and their leader Ryan the brave and fearless boy who holds the power of the lion who wants to search for his inner strength. With the help of Master Tora and his niece the kind and compassionate Zoe, who holds the power of a panther, the new generation of Morphland's warrior must learn to work together to save the world from Koumori and his band of dark Antai chi warriors.


Here are the play features:

  • Two battle platforms which you can place mini-figures and pretend to fight in the arena, located in the center of the academy.
  • Ten transforming pods, color-coded to make the mini-figure transform by turning the knob on top.
  • Two sets of training dummies that work functionally. One by turning the knob to go side to side and two by just spinning the plates on the bottom.
  • A cabinet of bo staffs for the heroes training.
  • Sliding doors on the academy.
  • twenty figures resembling both human form and animal form.
  • 832 pieces.

This lego set is much bigger than the last model, which should get plenty of more attention, so if you want to try this again, bring back the first seventeen, give it ten thousand votes, and this set will be a playing smorgasbord. Feel free to write comments and/or give out any advice. Thank you and have an awesome time.

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