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Liverpool Football Club - The Shankly Gates


Liverpool Football Club is one of the most successful teams in European football tournament history having found glory the world over and most recently, after a 30-year title drought, at home in England.  They have been my favorite club for as long as I can remember because of their class, skill, passion, and because of their anthem "You'll Never Walk Alone" - and the mantra behind it.  

With such a rich history and tradition, it was difficult to think about what I could build to share my admiration for the club I'll support for my entire life.  The anthem "YNWA" kept roaring in - perhaps due to 30 year wait drawing to a close, or perhaps due to the current situation we are all faced with.  

With ornate and intricate features, this representation is a consuming build with a striking end result.  As it stands, the gates and supports are made from just shy of 3,000 pieces with dazzling gold over sharp black all supported by worn brick.  I tried to keep potential decals to a minimum instead opting for prints on the standard shield elements.  The final build stands tall and proud, perfect for perching on mantles, desks, sills, and shelves of Reds' fans worldwide.  

The Shankly Gates build I share with you, the fans and builders in this community, required trial and error, swapping parts and pieces in and out, and patience and consistency.  I hope the build inspires those who have enjoyed the history of the LFC and for what's to come! 

We've waited and waited - now it's time to celebrate with an iconic set!  Please share and support. 

"Walk on, walk on

With hope in your heart"

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