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Jamestown Base - For All Mankind


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As Gordo Stevens and crew would say, "Hi Bob!"

Welcome to Jamestown Base. As an avid fan of Apple TV +'s For All Mankind, I decided to try my hand at creating the iconic Lunar Base in Minifigure scale. The complex circular structure of the base made for a challenging build, but I believe the end result is a faithful LEGO brick rendition of Jamestown. 

There were many obstacles that were encountered throughout the build process, including the limitations of LEGO when it comes to creating very small spaces in minifigure scale. Being that Jamestown is essentially a giant confined space, I needed to get creative in order to maintain the exterior shape while also maximizing interior details. 

I am hopeful that anyone reading this finds this set worth supporting. I am a firm believer that it is impossible for LEGO to have enough space themed sets, and I am optimistic that this set will strike a chord with a wide audience! 

Key Details: 

• 2,310 Pieces
• 5 Minifigures - The Apollo 22 crew of Ed Baldwin, Gordo Stevens, and Danielle Poole. 2 additional Astronauts (Meant to be one of the three aforementioned crew members) for exterior display. 
• A faithful rendition of the interior, including: 
• Bunks
• Operations Area
• Head
• Airlock With Adjustable Doors
• Communications Area
• Galley
• Adjustable and Removable Exterior Solar Panels
• Adjustable Roof to Access Interior

So that's it! That's LEGO Jamestown and my bold attempt to get an official For All Mankind LEGO Set. Thank you so much for reading—and hopefully—supporting this idea. I can't thank you enough! 


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