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Long time ago, between The Tiger and The Euphrates, stood a famous city called Madina.

At the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, it was a center of trading and a high place of science known to all ancient civilizations!

People came here to buy spices, beautiful silks or even to try its fabulous sauna!
We could find two of the fastest horses in this region: the Persians! And learn about astronomy, philosophy...

Many stories and myths come from this part of the World!
This project is the biggest I've ever built, around 2,900 parts. I designed it as a modular building.

It is composed of different shops and rooms disposed about a central court and topped with green gardens. At the top of the city, also stands the astronomy’s tower.

So, you can find:

- the forge with its blacksmith

- the animal housing facility

- a little barn

- the most famous spice shop

- the clothing shop with the rarest silks and cotton pieces ever

- the ancient library

- the sauna

- a beautiful apartment

- green gardens with trees and bright flowers

- the court with its fountain

I tried to make it as playable as possible. It also can lay on your shelves.

Thank you for reading!
Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

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