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Lego Garden Labyrinth


Okay, so raise your hand if you like to play the fun and classic game, Labyrinth by Ravenburger. Quite a few people, good. So I also like to play that game, and I also like to play with with Legos. So what if, I could play Labyrinth and with Legos at the same time? So here we are, Lego Garden Labyrinth!

This version of the game works just like the normal version, but with a twist. After everybody is dealt out their treasure cards, everyone is then dealt two farmer cards, which they will randomly shuffle with the rest of their treasures. If someone flips over one of their treasure cards, and finds that it's a farmer, they will shift the labyrinth, then they get to move the farmer as many spaces as treasure cards each player got, minus four (So, say you played with three players, someone got a farmer tile, then that would be eight spaces for each of the treasure cards, plus two for the farmer cards, then minus four, so you would move the farmer six spaces). You can't move the farmer through walls, he must follow the garden path, so currently with the set-up shown above, the farmer can't move anywhere. Also, after you do all the farmer's actions, you will take another turn. At the start of the game, the farmer will start on the middle tile (Like shown above). You will also decide on a punishment when the farmer catches you, (Like losing a turn, or going back to your space [which could be used rather strategically, as you could send yourself back]). To get caught by the farmer, all that needs to happen is the farmer to enter the same tile that you are on (If you enter the space that the farmer is in rather then vice versa, it still counts as you getting caught). If the punishment given to you permits you to stay on the same tile as the farmer, then ignore the farmer being on the same tile as you until you move to a new tile.

The board has a few decorations, if you will see picture three, that could be swapped out for custom ones. Instead of collecting treasure, you will be collecting fruits and vegetables, and I have no idea what a fox is doing in the garden as they are carnivores, but I ran out of other Lego animals (I didn't want to do a rat because there is already a squirrel).

So, please support this if you like (or love) this idea, I would still like you to support this anyways even if you don't like it (XD), and if anyone is confused with the farmer's rules then let me know in the comments.

                                                           THANK YOU!

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