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Sonic Adventure: Perfect Chaos Final Battle


New body for Chaos! (and some accesories) Thanks for the 500 supporters!

It's ROUNDER! What do you think, you like better this one or the past one?

I know, i know, you want me to change or add more stuff, but first of all, i can't use pieces that haven't been used in past LEGO sets, in other words, i can't create pieces, so, it'd be really hard to make better gloves for Knuckles or tails for...Tails. I tried to put a tail on Tails' body but for some reason LDD has a bug, and i can´t put accesories to the waist of any character that has small legs. However, i added small details and made some changes, like a new skirt for Amy that fits better her outfit, and some hats for the characters to give a better idea of what i'm looking for.


Hopefully i may update the models!

I trying to find new ways to improve the way my project looks!, even if i can't do my own custom pieces!


Can't believe we got this far!

Guys!, thank you so much!, i didn´t believe that we could get even to 80 supporters, and look!, we are already on 115!, i would love to make an update for you guys...but...i haven't added anything new to the set!, maybe i add some minifigs or even chaos emeralds!, stay amazing!