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Mos Eisley Cantina - Tatooine

Lego has already done almost every ship and location in the star wars movies. But one that is missing is the Mos Eisley cantina on Tatooine. It is such a key place in the saga, because it is where the entire group of lead characters meet. I built a fairly large set, featuring the cantina itself and Luke's Landspeeder. It features a removable roof, for extensive playability. Altogether, it has around 550 bricks, a reasonable amount, so that it isn't that expensive. The set has to have lots of minifigures, because of the monsters, but it most definitely wouldn't cost more than 100$/€. The minifigures, apart from the weird creatures and odd monsters, are:
Han Solo;
The cantina band;
The bartender;
For more pics and info:
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Here is the interior. It has a bunch of tables, a band and a lot of monsters. The roof is removable. The monsters aren't very accurate, because I built it on LDD. Here is the scene when Han shoots Greedo.

As you can see, in this scene Han is talking to Luke and Ben. The cantina band is also there, and with the monsters, this set, as well as a fun build with a good playability, could feature lots of new and exclusive minifigures.

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