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Chrono Trigger: Millennial Fair

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Chrono Trigger is on many people’s list of greatest video game of all time (pun intended) and it is one of the most cherished gaming memories from my childhood. Originally released in 1995, it was a pivotal Role Playing Game (RPG) for its time.

The plot revolves around time travel and saving the world from a desolate future. The game provided numerous endings and re-playability features unlike anything else at the time. Music, artwork and gameplay were also well ahead of their time. 

This build features a time machine named the “Epoch” and the “Millennial Fair” which is where the epic journey through time begins. The minifigs featured are the cast of playable characters; Crono, Lucca, Marle, Frog, Ayla, Magus and Robo who is brick-built since they are a robot and may need to be repaired from time to time. The additional brick-built characters are; Gato - the singing battle robot, Norstein Bekkler - the mysterious operator of the Tent of Horrors, and a strange creature from ancient times simply called “Nu”

I chose to recreate the Millennial Fair since it contains many aspects of Chrono Trigger in a single location. The fair takes place in the time period 1000AD yet there are references to prehistoric, medieval and futuristic eras. I built Leene’s BellTelepod devices as well as a variety of carnival games and vendor stalls. Norstein Bekkler’s tent roof can be removed to find the disembodied person within. I even included a secret mosaic of Lavos under the fountain. 

The time machine, the Epoch, has removable components such as the wings and cockpit seating just like how it is in the game. The Epoch can be mounted on top of the trees for display purposes.

I believe the timing is right for this theme. It has been nearly 30 years since the game’s debut and nostalgia is at a peak for those who played Chrono Trigger upon its release. This is an exciting time for all fans, both new and old.  

I really hope you take a moment of your time to support this project and please leave your thoughts, questions, or even just tell me what Chrono Trigger means to you! 

(and let me know if I overused the word, time)
Thank you,
Josh [SDS]

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