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Robotics Laboratory

Welcome to the Lego Robotics Laboratory! Here you'll find scientists hard at work developing the next breakthrough in robotic engineering.

For decades, robots have been represented in LEGO in various forms. At the center of the design stand the robot as the focus of this design. Around the robot is the laboratory and scientists that are designing and building it. The design contains three minifigures, 2 scientists and an intern, and contains 871 pieces.

The robot itself is fully posable and can fit within the environment in different ways, as well as removing from the lab and enjoyed on its own.

If you look around the room, there are as many cool gadgets and details as possible. There is a chalkboard for math equations and calculations. A model rocket and astronaut sitting on top of the bookshelf. A computer and microscope on a nearby table. A picture of a bridge to highlight engineering principles. Some artwork of interconnected gears that can move together. And a 3-D printer for helping to fabricate parts for the robot. Plus, plenty of coffee around the lab to keep them working late into the night.

This would make a great Lego set because it is a nice display piece that is open enough to have play value as well. there are some interesting building techniques used in it and plenty of useful details that will enhance the building experience. LEGO and robots have gone hand in hand for a long time and this set can be the next step in that direction.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

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