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Jeep With Kayak

I am glad to present to you my Jeep With Kayak!

I modeled this project on a Jeep Wrangler.  I have this model in real bricks, but I built it on Mecabricks so that I could have the freedom to choose the color I wanted and add a kayak.

This model includes:
  • One blue jeep
  • One mini-figure
  • One yellow kayak
  • One set of paddles
  • One gray crash helmet

This LEGO jeep has removable components which mimic Jeep Wranglers.  When you remove the rear section the roll bar is already there!  You can also remove the doors, windshield, and roof.  You can fit one mini-figure inside.  This model has 158 parts.

Thank you for reading and viewing.  Please support and comment!

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