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The Union Buildings

Occupying the highest point in Pretoria and having been designed by the architect Sir Herbert Baker in 1908, these buildings are considered by many to be the architect's greatest achievement and a South African architectural masterpiece. It was possibly the largest building work undertaken in the Southern Hemisphere at that time.

The building consists of three sections: two identical wings that are joined by a semicircular colonnade forming the backdrop of the amphitheatre. Two towers dominate the two ends of the semicircle. Each wing has a basement and three floors above ground.

I built this because it is a popular tourist attraction in my country and it is a wonderful piece of architecture. I think it would make a great display piece to put on a table or in a display case.

Fun Fact !
The clock chimes are identical to those of Big Ben in London.

Dimensions: 44,25 cm X 24 cm
        Pieces: 1626

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