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Conservation Surveillance Vehicle (CSV)


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The Conservation Surveillance Vehicle (CSV) as a Lego set is inspired by the last remaining white rhinoceros and is to raise awareness to protect all wildlife from extinction. 

The set design uses pixilation to provide the camouflage skin and is based on colour brick pieces of white, dark/light greys and black. The exact numbers of bricks are provided for each component with some fixed and accent bricks of colours i.e. yellow and red. 

For a scale that is close to 1:15, the CSV is modelled base on the Hummer H1 dimensions and envisaged to be all-electric to maintain the conservation theme.

Wheelbase 3.3m (*20cm)
Length of 4.6m (*30cm)
Width 2.2m (*15cm)
Height 1.9m (*13cm)

*Actual set size is approximate

The set is designed for playability in 3 ways.

1. Original, i.e. to base on the instructions directly using the colour combination;

2. Mix and match within the parts, i.e. to swap the bricks of different colour within each part of the model without altering the design;

3. Complete mix and match of all the parts; i.e. to combine all the bricks from the parts and swap amongst the same brick type of different colour.

The builder will have the option at the start to deviate from the actual original design to come up with a different permutation by interchanging the pieces provided by still following the instructed combination.

So the outcome of each different modification using the same instructed combination (of different colour permutations) will create a different outcome to the camouflage skin.

With each completed built, it can be compared with the original design to see the difference and be enjoyed for many years.

Please share and support the Conservation Surveillance Vehicle (CSV) as it is dedicated to the team of men and woman tasked to save the northern white rhinoceros as it is the sincere intention of this effort.

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