The Simpsons Nuclear Power Plant

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Of all the jobs Homer had throughout the series there’s only one he comes back to quite frequently—being the safety inspector in sector 7G in Springfield’s nuclear power plant.

{Update 3-26-2014: Lego just released official pictures of the coming The Simpsons Series Collectible Minifigures (71005) via Twitter and Facebook! This Project will be updated accordingly soon!}

Inspired by the official Lego Simpson’s House I built one of the cooling towers of the plant, which you can open to access the rooms inside. These rooms include Mr. Burns’ office, a space for nuclear waste, part of the famous opening scene and of course Homer’s office.

Since Lego Cuusoo isn’t able to produce new pieces I just used standard Minifigs to demonstrate the characters in the set. There will be a whole line of Simpsons Minifigs later this year.

Feel free to have a look. If you’d like an official set of the plant just hit the support button.

{Note} Minifigs are just placeholders until Lego releases the original ones later this year.