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The Simpsons Nuclear Power Plant

Of all the jobs Homer had throughout the series there’s only one he comes back to quite frequently—being the safety inspector in sector 7G in Springfield’s nuclear power plant.

{Update 3-26-2014: Lego just released official pictures of the coming The Simpsons Series Collectible Minifigures (71005) via Twitter and Facebook! This Project will be updated accordingly soon!}

Inspired by the official Lego Simpson’s House I built one of the cooling towers of the plant, which you can open to access the rooms inside. These rooms include Mr. Burns’ office, a space for nuclear waste, part of the famous opening scene and of course Homer’s office.

Since Lego Cuusoo isn’t able to produce new pieces I just used standard Minifigs to demonstrate the characters in the set. There will be a whole line of Simpsons Minifigs later this year.

Feel free to have a look. If you’d like an official set of the plant just hit the support button.

{Note} Minifigs are just placeholders until Lego releases the original ones later this year.

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