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Bolt - Rhino's House

Bolt - Rhino’s house

This project is based on the movie Bolt (2008). The project is based on one of the locations in the film: Rhino’s home. I tried to add as much details as I could find in the movie in this model. The model can be used for display and to play with.

As a bonus, I added a Peggy-minifigure and a small side build of her scooter.

Some details about the model

  • Contains a minifigure of Penny and figures of Bolt, Mittens and Rhino;
  • The model contains 678 pieces in total.

Play features

  • The roof of the camper is removable, so you can see the inside of the camper;
  • The camper is 8 studs wide and removable from the model, so you can drive everywhere you like with it and experience your own Bolt adventure!;
  • Extendable television with remote inside the van, so Rhino can watch television from its plastic ball;
  • There is a book stand for a cookbook in the kitchen.

If you want to make this Bolt set a reality, please press the support button! With enough votes there is a chance it becomes a real lego set! Thanks for looking at the model and don’t forget to tell your friends about the project!

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