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Stationary and notebook set

My idea is for you to make a note book and/or sketch pad with the front and back pages to be made out of plastic "LEGO" sheets. Then stationery made from blocks can be pushed on and stored on the book (no need for a pencil case). I have pictured the book being ring bound with the holes for the metal rings set at the same size and distance as the plastic spokes on the sheet. This will give a uniform look.

I have shown examples of stationery that could be made to fit this idea. Simple ones such as the ruler and more complex things like the USB memory stick and the calculator.

All the parts could come in a selection of colours so that the person can mix and match their items to get a custom product. The use of different colours could be used to make this product more marketable to girls as well as boys (and grown ups too).

Also I have designed the USB memory stick as a person, you can choose a girl or a boy and I was thinking of having them in school uniform or business suit. The legs on the figure will not be fuctional as legs (no bending or moving), they are hollow to fit over the USB as a lid. The figures upper body could have moving arms and head (also be able to be swapped and changed with different heads, hats and hair).

I also thought that having the back of the book made with the same plastic sheets as the front it will give the owner more space to add new stationery to their book. For example a set square and protractor set. This set is not only practical but also doubles up as a toy. Children can used the sketch pad for drawing etc and also use the front and back of the book to build on.

This is a version of the front sheet detached from the note book. A "LEGO" pen could be designed to clip on (but I didn't think i would be very ergonomical) or have blocks with grips for fit and clip (clamp?) around a standard pen and/or pencil.

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