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Yellowstone Park Postcard

Greetings from Yellowstone National Park!

In the heart of the western US, there are 3,472 square miles of forest, wildlife, and natural geysers that make up Yellowstone Park. This land has been a protected nature reserve since 1872 and is a popular travel destination for nature lovers.

I was inspired by the recently released Tales of the Space Age and its colorful minimalist art style. This postcard-style diorama of the park is made up of just over 200 pieces. The scene shows off the forest, mountains, a mama bison with her baby, and the iconic Yellowstone National Park sign. Perfect as a memento of the park or just a fun way to show your love for nature.

This is my first (non-competition) submitted build and I had SO much fun designing this. I hope to see more Lego sets in the future with a more artistic vibe. If you like this, please consider supporting! :)

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