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A diorama based on the hit first-person puzzle game, SUPERHOT!

You are now free... SUPER... HOT. The object of the game is to eliminate the red enemies using the weapons in front of you. The catch is that time only moves when you do.

As in the game, the figures in this scene are meant to contrast against the blank background. Although this model is not based off a single level in the game, I took many aspects of different levels that I enjoyed to create a new level. The scene is filled with black weapons for either the protagonist or antagonist to pick and and use. Featured are computer terminals, a walkway and of course, the iconic pyramid for the player to destroy. 

If you enjoy this idea, and want to see it become reality, please support and leave a comment! I'd love to hear comments and/or suggestions about this model. If this project gains traction, I will update it based on suggestions or overall improvements.

Thanks for the support!


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