Product Idea

Dagobah Dark Side Cave

"A domain of evil it you must go", Yoda the Jedi Master

A pivotal moment in the original 'Star Wars' trilogy and the first clue that Luke may have a connection to Darth Vader, is Luke's encounter on Dagobah with the dark side. The idea behind this set would be to recreate that key moment with Luke facing off against a vision of Darth Vader. Would the outcome be the same? Does Luke realise the truth? Is the vision a clue to his heritage or a warning of what he may become?

The scene takes place in an underground cave, amongst the roots of a gnarled tree and those are present here. The swamp of Dagobah is reflected in the colour scheme and a variety of mushrooms and dark plants.

The set would include 4 mini-figures; Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Yoda and R2D2. However, as in the film, the Darth Vader mini-figure carries a secret; remove the mask to reveal Luke's face!