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Blacksmith's Workshop


  This set is a blacksmith's workshop and horse-pulled wagon. It comes with two builds, the blacksmith's workshop and the horse-pulled wagon as well as some extra tools and coins to store in the workshop and wagon! This set would also come with the blacksmith and a horse to pull to wagon, using easy-to-steer joints. The workshop comes with three barrels for storage, a tools and weapons rack, a furnace with a water pump, a parking area with a clip for the horse, and a worktable for the blacksmith! It is a half-open room with torch lighting and two windows! It also features a wood and stone wall for the outside to give it a medieval times look! The wagon is blue and black and has one storage barrel, a tool storage area and a sitting area for the blacksmith! It also has medium sized copper-colored wheels! In addition, the horse comes with horse shoes! This set has 426 pieces.


  • Build Info: This set has 426 pieces and would be for ages 8-14. It includes two models, a blacksmith's workshopand a blue horse-drawn wagon. It has a few loose pieces that can be stored in the model.
  • This set includes one minifigure, the blacksmith with a cap.

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