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Korean Gazebo


Hello, this Creation is a Korean Gazebo with 'X' roof style. X roof style is most sophisticated roof style in oriental. The 'X' means that the ridge of a roof is X form. So, X roof style gazebo is unusual building and generally it located in palaces. It's original name is 'Sibja Nukak'. 'Sibja' means 'X', and 'Nukak' means a gazebo or a tower.

In Korean, 'Nukak' is placed higher than other building. And 'Nukak' function as a gazebo and a tower. If 'Nukak' located on the rampart, it is a watch tower, and if it has cannons, it is a canon towers. This 'Sibja Nukak' is a gazebo for a banquet. So it has a big drum in the middle of gazebo, and many maple trees are located around it.


Number of Pieces : 1,573

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