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Tropical Toucan

Beautiful LEGO room decoration! Tropical Toucan Picture!

There are many animals living in the Amazon jungle. Ones of the most beautiful and characteristic are toucans. In my build in the form of a picture, I presented this bird.
Some information about build:
My MOC is made in an area of 32 x 32 studs. The toucan stands out by a large beak as well as contrasting plumage colors, which certainly makes it unique. In addition to the main character, you can also see a branch and some exotic plants made in an irregular way to give the building an interesting character. The green background puts the toucan to the foreground, creating a three-dimensional picture.
Why this set?
In my opinion that type of the set could be very popular because it will interest both the LEGO fans and people not related to bricks. Such a set could be a great decoration for a room and it would certainly focus attention!

Please support my project! I hope you like it!

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