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4-4-4 Steam Locomotive


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This project was started on January 14th, and finished on January 15th.

The 4-4-4 Steam Locomotive was inspired by the comment that KimErik made to me on my Old Passenger Car project: "Would look great after a big, black beast of a steam locomotive this one. Very good choice of colors. To top the model off I'd like to see cloth curtains inside the windows- I know LEGO produces those from time to time."

Unfortunately, this steam locomotive is too short to go well with the Old Passenger Car. This is just phase one of the model, so I can always build more off of it later on.

The 4-4-4 Steam Locomotive is 432 pieces. This model is indeed compatible with Power Functions! If you want to read more, and also want to download the model for yourself, click here.

Have a good day! Please let me know about what you think of this model. By cheesy. 1/16/2018

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