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Complex Two - Robot Testing Center With V.I.P. Train


A new facility has been recently needed in Lego City. This Robot Testing Center will provide an environment for student scientists, suggested to be experts in Robotics and A.I. Software, to train robots. Basic skills are taught to verify the robots' coordination and decision-making capabilities. 
The stairs at the front of the building will get staff and visitors to any of four rooms. The ground level side entrance is the way into the snack shop and it can be easily accessed directly from the train stop's platform.

A train is included and is considered a private means of transportation, to get students and staff to desired locations. A car with a mock surveillance camera belongs to the included patrol officer. Alternately, it could belong to any of the minifigures if the camera is removed.

Ground Level:

A somewhat chic looking snack shop takes up all of the ground level and, in addition to offering students and employees a place to unwind and have a light meal, it can also cater to passers by. A mobile vendor sells her frozen treats in front of the building.
At the foot of the largest staircase, there is a mock kiosk where staff and visitors are suggested to get identified before climbing up to the facility. The patrol officer will advise or question unauthorized persons trying to enter.

Room 1:

This unit can be considered to be a "Cyber Infirmary" where robots can be enhanced or repaired, whether it is to alter hardware or software attributes.
A specialist is included and has a few power tools. Her computer station is suggested to be used for daily A.I. coding.

Room 2:

Resembling much like a recreation room, the unit provides a game of checkers to evaluate a robot's intellect. Motor skills will be put to the test by a scientist playing against a robot at the Laser Pong table. This game, inspired by Ping Pong, separates the players with the suggestion of a beam of light instead of a net.

Room 3:

The administrator has this office to conduct daily tasks mainly at her desk. Atop her filing cabinet sits a golden robot trophy, suggesting high company achievements. Alternately it could serve as her personal assistant, as shown in the photo where it carries her suitcase.
She will have the patrol officer, suggested to also be Cyber Security trained, occasionally check her computer for pretend network intrusions.
Room 4 can be accessed through her office, by exiting the door to the balcony and then walking across.

Room 4:

A conference room will provide a space for any visitors interested in doing business with this facility. A projector and screen suspended from the ceiling suggest a means to view business reports and collaborative prospects. Three minifigures can be seated at the conference table.

This model had been created to encourage the idea of robot labourers to work in Lego City as either clerks or maintenance assistants. It is a feature-rich set that can either be displayed or be used by youths to invent an array of scenarios with. The futuristic train can provide an "edge" to anyone's Lego City arrangement, and the entire set provides useful parts to allow for the construction of different buildings or vehicles.

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