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The Dock


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Ive called this build ;-

"The Dock", as its a small Warehouse of Fruit and Veg, Bread etc supplying the local fishing town.

It comes out at about 2480 pieces but hopefully I might be able to get that count down with a bit of work! Colours may vary depending on what parts are available at the time.

I made it modular so you could add more than one side by side to create a bigger dock area if required!

Things that Ive added..

  • 2 Vehicles - 1 Double axle Van, 1 Fishing/Diving Boat.
  • 4 Mini figures - 1 Manager, 1 Van driver/Labourer, 1 Fisherman, 1 Sailor.
  • Bricked up Windows, Fruit Sign.
  • A hungry Shark, Some Fish, a Bird and my Black Cat.
  • A broken Jetty, Watch your step!
  • The Roof consists of - A Gas Tank, Water Tank and Solar Panels.
  • The Office consists of - A Desk, Computer, 2 Chairs, a Cold Water dispenser with white cups, a Clock, Fire extinguisher and various radiators.
  • The Warehouse is seperated from the office by a screen and consists of various crates with Fruit and Veg, Bread and a Trolley.

Please check out the photos for other items that ive added.

I really hope you Like this project,

This model has a lot of good play value but would also look great for any collector to put on display.

If you like this idea then please help me and support this so that Lego might choose it and make make it a reality.

Thank you



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