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The Adventure Zone - The Grinder Battle

-This set is based off the beloved podcast: The Adventure Zone (First story ark: here there be gerblins) I tried my best to base this off of the graphic novel but I did some of my own stuff too. I really love this podcast and I feel like there is a lack recently of medieval/other worldly themes in the current LEGO sets and I think that a new line of fantasy themes or theme could be a great addition especially for those of us who play DnD and love to use sig figs and build places from their campaigns. 

-This set includes the room described in the podcast, 4 Minifigures: Killian, Taako Taako, Merle Highchurch, and Magnus Burnsides. It also includes the grinder that Killian brought to life to fight them. Hopefully you all like it and give it your full support!!

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